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Chinese Translation Project

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這個部落格紀錄我在學習程式上的心得或筆記,為了讓可以看的懂的人不分國家,大部分都以英文撰寫為主。 我是一個以中文為母語的人,對於寫作的掌握自然比英文強很多,為了讓廣大的中文使用者也能分享資訊, 我開始考慮有時間的話每一篇文章都有中英兩種語言的版本。對於可以同時掌握兩種最多人使用的語言的我感到開心與興奮, 也期許自己能成為一個有教導能力的人。


This blog records my notes and useful information on my way learning coding. To make my blog worldwide accessable, I primary wrote in English. As a matter of fact, I am a Mandarin Chinese native speaker. I can read and write in Chinese fluently. To share my thoughts with Chinese readers, I would like to translate my posts into Chinese if I have spare time to do so. I am so glad and excited to understand the most popular two main languages in the world. I also try to be a teaching person and share my thoughts with others.

I hope this is not just talking, let’s translate this post in English now…(sigh).